You can work with the elements in many different ways. Just as there can be a lot of different reasons, there can be a lot of different solutions.

One is to work with the fire element when your struggle with sadness.

When feeling sad, crying, being depressed etc, it is the water element that grows in us. If you add nostalgia to it, you are really swimming in the water.

I think it is ok to be sad. There is also a lot of cleansing of negativ energy when we allow ourselves to just cry our heart out.

But I do not like the feeling of drowning in sadness for to long.

If you want some help getting out of the water, the fire element is one way. Water and Fire really balance each other well.

Just think how it feels in real life, or in the nature. If you, like me, love sunbathing, just think of how it feels when you are on a beach, sunbathing. After a while, doesn’t it feel really temptating to have a bath, swim, just cool down in the water?

When you have been in the water for a while, doesn’t it feel nice to have the sun shining all over your body and heat you up?

I think you got the picture.

So what does the quote ”Passion kills sadness” truly mean?

If I ask you what do you love doing? What do you feel really passionate about?

Think about the simple fact that when you are doing whatever makes your heart sing, then it is really difficult to feel sadness.

It is in the fire element you find your passion. If you lack passion then it can be a good idea to work with the fire element in your body.

Love, Miriam

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